Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A little introduction....

As a kid, my older brothers turned me onto much of the music i still love & spin today: Kraftwerk, New Order, Human League, XTC, Einsturzende Neubauten, Sisters of Mercy, The Smiths, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Berlin, Yaz...these were my fertile years as a music lover.

in 1989, i heard "A day in the life" by Todd Terry/ Black Riot (on Jeff 'stotle' Steel's "Jackin' the Box" on Dallas radio KNON 89.3). That was my first encounter with 'house' music, with its samples and references, heavily indebt to disco. That era was was a turning point for many people in the Dallas area. i remember hearing mix tapes from a certain local dj named GO-Go Mike DuPriest. Playing disco, house, British indie dance and a new phenomena called 'acid house'. It was phenomenal and inspiring.

My brother Joshua soon started dj-ing at nightclubs. I, pre-teen, couldn't go out yet, so i stayed home, played his 12"s, teaching myself to mix on his equiptment. He soon earned a reputation as a local dance club jock as well as a deep house music dj, in the truest sense.

In the mid/late 90's, I played around in a few bands but focused on an improv, electronic, neo-classical outfit called Senter Divider w/ collaborator Christian Buss (now Center Divider based in NYC). It wasnt untill the turn of the century, when i became absorbed with classic electro funk, latin freestyle and garage disco. It was then I began to discover many of the vintage dance records that i heard sampled in house music. This was a revelation. I soon had the opportunity to dj-ing in public, aside from small 'listening parties' at home. A one-off gig was preposed to my friend, Chris Colley (now in NYC bands SOFT & Koko Ono) & I, playing alongside the local electro-bassmen, TRANSEXFORMERS (Tommyboy & Glen Blip) at Le Privilege (now The Mowhawk)in Austin. That was my first public dj gig and the beginning of a new era for me. The following year, i co-founded a party dj-duo known as "Poor-in-'84" with Brian Edwards (local dj Magic Fly). Engrossed in the sounds of late 70's and early 80's Italo Disco (an all electronic disco music pre-dating house), we forged an alliance, bringing this esoteric & neglected music to the masses under the guise of "80's dance" parties. It was here that i began to preach a promotional protocol of dance "music from the eighties, not just 80's music".

April 2004, i began a residency at Hailey's Club in Denton with much thanks to Glenn Squibb. His "Axis" parties were slightly modified into an "80's Dance" party. I held this position untill new year's morning of 2010. I continue to play music and curate parties & events with like minded people.

*******In the spirit of David Mancuso's legendary NYC LOFT parties, as well as the sincere love of privately sharing music with my close friends since i can remember, I seek events that will allow me to deliver my musical vision of recycling past treasures as well as new exciting sounds in a wholistic, deep, soulful experience of listening to music*************

special thanks to anyone who ever came, danced, enjoyed any music i have ever shared with them. your supportive feet & ears make it all happen.

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